• Benefits for the Print Media: A flexible and scalable, mobile solution to offer new revenue streams such as mobile Web advertising, a paywall (split between the free and paid parts of the newspaper’s website/application), a broadcast of news “in real-time” and last but not least the access to new “mobile” customers by introducing new service offers
  • Do you know and care about your end customers’ needs?
    A virtual market place and a flexible communication platform bringing closer together Newspaper readers, local businesses and retailers, as well as the Regional Print Media. Create new value-added services and increase loyalty across your readers and attract new customers.
  • Target Group:  Media and Press, any business in publishing regional and local information on a regular basis (e.g. voucher booklets for local business)
  • Value beyond the traditional Print Media: Create additional value for your customers (newspaper readers) by providing a new mobile and real-time access to a virtual market and micro-local information. Today’s customers expect customized information and value added services being easy accessible by SmartPhones or iPads.
  • A new flexible communication channel:  A mobile platform for Regional Print Media, combining geo-localized information with personalized promotions, tips and tricks in an interactive manner.
  • A virtual communication platform connected to real local businesses for additional revenues and direct communication. Advantage of an eco-system to develop lucrative side services for Regional Media and local business clients (e.g. retail).
  • Content & News customized by location and/or end user profile (preferences of registered users and loyal customers). For example customers receive geolocalized real-time offers from local businesses, e.g. personalized promotions.
  • End-to-end value: Become the meeting point of local communities and offers (multi-local) by introducing a mobile communication platform for value adding new services, like in-app payment solutions, that will further boost future revenue streams.




Main view of the MagicPress APP