• Easy setup: Increase the competitiveness of the local tourism industry by leveraging mobile and geo-localized service Apps for tourists.
  • Target Group: Destination Management Organizations, Local communities, National and Regional Tourism Administration, Private sector, Provincial and Regional Governments City Tourist Boards …
  • Do you know and care about your future tourists needs?
    A virtual market communication platform bringing visitors, tourists, local businesses and local organizations any kind and city officials much closer together – virtual and locally in real time – to promote local diversity and offers to optimize revenues and costs (e.g. geolocalized push offers for local businesses) and build a sustainable, positive image of the city / region / community.
  • Flexible and scalable solution: Customize and select the ideal business model for your purposes to boost local business and cultural diversity. For example, you may decide selling the service to small businesses and retailers: you keep the subscriptions in your hands and you decide who will be on your mobile map.
  • Benefits for the Cities, Regions, and Local Communities: Tourist can access geo-localized real-time information from the city and customized offers from local businesses, e.g. personalized promotions. Cities and Regions can easily launch targeted tourism products based on current and future market trends and addressing the national and regional challenges of product similarity and lack of product diversity. A compelling mobile APP is strategic for efficient tourism management with the ultimate aim of increasing tourist arrivals (including repeat visitors), increasing their length of stay and thereby, spreading the economic benefits of tourism to all parts of the country.
  • Benefits for Intermediary and local Businesses: A virtual market place for additional revenues and direct communication to clients. Advantage of an eco-system to develop lucrative side services for your business clients (e.g. retail). By upgrading the virtual market place with adding new services and including payment solutions will further boost future revenue streams of local businesses.





Main view of the CityLife APP


Zoom on the menu to select the Tourist Product Category


Build up to 12 Tourist Product Categories


The Tourist Product selection is smartly guiding you to other Touristic or Service options, e.g. local business or attractions by either a list or on the map


First-hand Information with one click! Additional details, communication, photos, local premium offers …


Local Brand promotion and Advertising options to promote local image, diversity and brands


Tourist Favorites: A variety of options to customize and visualize data for Tourist and local interests


Tourist Favorites: A variety of options to customize and visualize data for Tourist and local interests